Of course, in true “season of love” style, we’ve conjured up a list of Valentine’s cards we’re loving right now. For the Shoot-Your-Shot Shelleys and the Play-It-Safe Pauls, the bold declarations and the subtle hints. Though your options (and results) may vary, grab a last-minute card for your lovers, friends and anything in between, and let them know how you really feel.


I Love You Like Cooked Food

The intimate act of sharing your last slice – willingly, at that. Show your other half they’re the pasta to your sauce with this simple yet affirming quip. Oh, the forgotten love language. The only way to one’s heart, right? 

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You Want To Bamba? | Cupid

Because TikTok is life and “Will you go out with me?” feels far too basic, self-proclaimed Big Boys can test Cupid’s aim with this Valentine’s spin on the banger we only just managed to get out of our heads.

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I Will Always Love You | Whitney-inspired Heart Chart

What’s a Valentine’s card without a large heart on the front? The ultimate love ballad, a message for partners, pals and family alike, our heart chart card is guaranteed to put a smile on your recipient’s face. Because unlike the length of a piece of string, you can measure the length of your love. Ni-eeeyai-ce.

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I Ain't Never Been With A Baddie

Another card to add to your tally, this one’s an instant crowd-pleaser for all the words of affirmation devotees out there. A baddie. A babe. Big up your pride and joy with this cheeky reminder that they are that person. 

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Bed | J. Holiday-inspired Heart Chart

For the low iron babes who want to show affection but just don’t have the energy to do so. Flex your semantic muscles with this J Holiday-inspired classic and show your partner exactly where you intend on spending the evening. Not a single lie told.

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I Love You More Than My Life

Appreciation post for the song that taught us more languages than the national curriculum! Shower your lover with adoration as you sing along to this catchy declaration of love. Happy people, happy times. Love yourself too, though, obvs. We’re all for that too.

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Hope You Have The Purrrfect Day

A pink kitty wearing a saddle and holding a rose? I know a subliminal message when I see one! If you’re unable to be with your significant other this Valentine’s Day, consider sending your well wishes via mail with this purrrfect card to lift their mood. Signed, sealed, delivered – all yours.

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