With International Women’s Day just gone and Mother’s Day approaching, we’re taking a moment to highlight the women who make all the difference in our day-to-day lives. An ode to the women who taught us things our school tuition didn’t cover, here are five ways we’re showing appreciation for the lessons learned and the wisdom earned, Kazvare Made It style.


Erykah & Jill | Tempered Glass Chopping Board

This is for the sister whose cooking taught us that even if you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing in the kitchen, sautéed onion and garlic will have the place smelling like you do. Show them you admire their perseverance by helping them slice and dice in style with our tempered glass chopping board. Struggle chef, but make it cute.

Price: £30 | Buy here



Nuff Love | Greetings Card

For the cool aunties who looked after you as you were growing up and made sure you (kinda) stayed out of trouble. Who said quantifying love was impossible?

Price: £3.30 | Buy here



Flower Power! | Tote Bag

Not to be forgotten, our green-fingered, floral-loving Grannies who totes have an impressive range of reusable bags stashed away in the house. Because if it’s not a reusable bag, it’s an ice cream tub (if you know, you know). Go ahead and inject a bit of colour into their collection with this beautiful Flower Power tote bag.

Price: £26.99 | Buy here



PROPER TASTY | Cookie Cutter

An affirming nod for your baking-obsessed cousin, add some flair to their baker’s dozen. A thoughtful gift to hone in on their culinary pastures, our Proper Tasty Cookie Cutter makes for a unique cookie design. By all means, judge this cookie by its cover.

Price: £8.99 | Buy here



Lemonade Coaster Set (x4)

Honourable shoutout to our hair stylists and beauticians. Those whose delicate hands and penchant for precision have assisted the glow up, likely served with a side of everyone and their mother’s tea. Because what’s a visit to the salon without a running commentary on so-and-so’s current affairs? Earl grey, anyone?

Price: £25 | Buy here

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