Another year down, and whilst there’s a lot to be said about how the world has got us all feeling right now, there’s no doubt a bit of self-care wouldn’t go amiss. Of course, however that looks for you may vary, but getting into the habit of protecting your well-being should always remain a priority. As you “#newyearnewme” yourself into your healthy practices of choice and settle into this new season, we’ve picked out a bunch of items perfect for those “me time” moments. From positive affirmation cards to fruity bath bombs, here’s our list of personal KMI faves to keep our heads above the water.



Zig Ah Zig Ah! Print Cushion

If the sheer brightness of this cushion isn’t enough to inject some vibrant energy into your life, take the road best travelled and have a nap instead. Nothing screams self-care more than a quick snooze. Lay your head down and make room for some guilt-free rest at your own leisure. Alarm clock optional.

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WHAT'S GOOD, MY G? Luxury Scented Soy Wax Candle

Speaking of rest, what is it about lighting a candle that seems to make everything so peaceful? Best described as a sensual, earthy scent and made with eco-friendly soy wax for a longer burn, this candle’s black and gold simplicity exudes luxury, working well as a standalone piece with or without the box. And with that, may the glow of the flame reflect the glow of your year.

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Personalised Alphabet Mug

Be it a first thing in the morning energy boost or a momentary midday pitstop, toning down the pace of life with a hot drink works wonders. In fact, studies have shown that the heat of a hot drink in hand can positively influence your emotions, producing feelings of warmth and trust. A comforting brew from your very own personalised mug that no one can claim as theirs? Not much to fault there.

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90s Cats Colouring Book For Adults ft. 90s R&B Classics

Okay, so you might be wondering what the connection between Cats and R&B Classics is, but it’s not every day that you get to see two cats tussling The Boy Is Mine style in a colouring book! Colouring has a profound ability to settle one’s thoughts and prompt mindfulness through the quiet and still nature of the activity. With the rise in colouring books for adults defying the assumption that it’s somehow only for kids, transport yourself back to those relaxing moments and get lost in the pages in the process.

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“Say It Like You Mean It, Sis” Daily Affirmation Cards

It’s all too easy to fall into a spiral of negative thoughts and feelings, but getting into the habit of positive self-talk can make all the difference. Affirmations are an inspiring practice used by many for empowerment. They are great tools for motivation, building self-confidence and influencing change. With 51 cards to choose from, say it like you mean it and speak life over yourself and your loved ones with this pretty pack of affirmation cards.

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The DIP SET Luxury Shea Butter Bath Bomb Collection

Baths are a great way to relax and unwind after a long day, with the warm temperatures helping improve blood flow and the stillness of the act restoring peace. Much like adding oils or salts to your bathwater, these sweet scented shea butter bath bombs are both moisturising and soothing. In a period heavy on the at-home alternatives, pop these in the bath and give yourself a DIY spa treatment. If your imagination permits, you can even pretend you’re lying on a beach somewhere. Joy.

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Woodland Babe Notebook

We all know there’s something about a new notebook that suddenly makes us feel like we’re about to have everything under control. I mean, let’s face it, is it even a new year without some sort of list-making? Get your goals and mood boards ready with this gorgeous A5 lined notebook and find the time to explore methods of organisation that work for you. Alternatively, you can join us on the equally attainable ~just vibes~ train and doodle your way through the year. Noughts and crosses, anyone?

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Clean Your Dutty Hands Luxury Hand Sanitiser

Last but certainly not least, antibacterial hand gel. We know it’s not always about labels, but this one should not be ignored. A message on a bottle, if you will. Not to be used as a substitute for *actual* hand washing, this luxury hand sanitiser is easy on the nose, skin and, well… mind. Durable, compact and refillable too, our pump bottles are small enough to fit into your bag and big enough to make a difference. Self-care for you, self-care for everyone.

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