Pulse was our first ever trade show and I think one of the biggest lessons we learned being a part of it was to just dive in. When we signed up – we had no idea how it would all come together (how on earth do you put together a stand and make it look pretty?), or whether KMI was ready (what does that even look like?). But as super cliché as it sounds, sometimes you won't know until you try. Even if we had ended up with the dustiest looking stand at Pulse – we hopefully would have at least learned what not to do for future iterations. Thankfully, that was not our portion!

I'm also so thankful to have had an amazing team of supporters – we couldn't have done it without them. All in all, it was a great opportunity – we met some fab people (shout out to Samantha Warren, our Pulse neighbour) and made some good connections. 

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