The dust is settling after a whirlwind few weeks preparing for and being a part of Afropunk Brooklyn. It was an amazing opportunity and one we’re glad we could take on, straight off the back of our stint at Afropunk London.

From its inception as a business, Kazvare Made It has had the habit of stepping into the unknown, without the assurance of knowing exactly how things will turn out.  Similarly,  when we signed up for Afropunk Brooklyn, it was definitely a leap of faith. Even though we’ve received great feedback on our designs and definitely have a strong core market in the US - flying out and being a part of Afropunk Brooklyn had big upfront costs attached. Moreover, the fears of not making any profit and it being a wasted trip were ones that were at the back of our minds, for sure.

But we are ever learning to prayerfully and confidently step out despite fears and what ifs. Sometimes when you are making a move and not sure whether it’s the right one, you can’t always take challenges as markers that you shouldn’t do something. You may still find that you have to persevere through the challenges. Sometimes the right decisions have road bumps and obstacles along the way (like when your card machine doesn’t work abroad...oh and almost not being let into the States).

Ultimately, the trip was so worth it and we managed to sell pretty much all our stock (yaaaassss!). If anything, we should have brought along more. There are so many things we have learned that we might not have, had we not gone for it. For us, this trip will forever be a reminder of the importance of leaps of faith and resilience through obstacles. And that Americans don’t play with their food portions.

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